About Us

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An international trading company specializing in premium quality raw ,fresh and frozen meats.

Our strength is built on a tight team with deep experience in all aspects of the supply chain from cattle breeding through processing, logistics, finance and marketing.

Who we are


Staffed by an experienced and highly skilled team – Altothea’s team create timely and valuable solutions through the most accurate market intelligence, ensuring reliability and efficiency to the most complex demands of diversified markets globally.

By providing superior personalized customer service and sharing innovative ideas, we offer our suppliers and customers a unique competitive advantage that builds over a life-long relationship.


We are a bridge

Across Oceans

Across Currencies

Across Cultures

What we do

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We overlay our generation of experience to finding the best solution for our suppliers and customers. We focus on dedicated niche producers and match them with clients who require high quality meats with unique characteristics.

Our approach is not transactional. A commercial relationship with Altothea means a commitment for the long term.

We currently provide unique commercial solutions for south American beef producers with clients in Asia, the middle east, Europe and the Americas. This can include advice on raw material specifications, processing, packaging, cold chain management, logistics as well as market strategy, pricing and finance.

Our approach is energetic, innovative and adaptive. We don’t stop learning and what we learn we share.

The Bridge


Most of our product is sourced in countries that are characterized by challenging operating environments.

All of our clients operate in competitive market conditions where the challenges of the suppliers are essentially irrelevant. If you want to be in consideration you manage the challenge. At Altothea we make it so.

Our team have the experience and the insight to identify many of the challenges to be faced at origin and provide guidance to reduce, avoid or eliminate them.

We create a bridge for our special suppliers to showcase their product in the destination market without compromise.



Our team is strategically spread across the globe.

Every day we apply our shared knowhow against the new challenges that the marketplace brings to achieve positively leveraged outcomes.

We assess production capacity , customer expectations and the trading environment to create bespoke solutions for both producer and client.

This is achieved by a high level of trust, constant communication and a flat management structure.



A background in contrariest thinking combined with a lifetime of operating in volatile trading environment has created this team of innovative thinkers.

Very few ideas are new it is just how, where and when they are applied.

We don’t suppose we have any ideas that can’t be improved upon. To that extent we’re perhaps modifiers or consolidators of ideas more than innovators.



We are working hard to simplify our timely dispatch of accurate documentation through adoption of state-of-the-art cloud-based software.

We are expanding our logistics team to have a truly global 24-hour support to our customers and suppliers.